Saturday, February 21, 2015

Testimonial 59


"Most relaxed I've felt in weeks."

Cliff M.

Testimonial 58


"I am amazed at how everything is connected. She is very knowledgeable and it was very wonderful and relaxing."

Denise G.

Testimonial 57


"Was amazing how I was able to tolerate the touch & it was wonderful how I felt afterwards. Look forward to the next time."

Kathy D.

Testimonial 56


"I was amazed of how effective the foot Reflexology was. I have a lot of stress in neck and shoulders, while Katrina was working on my feet I could feel the blood flow and the stress melting away. I highly recommend."

Lisa M.

Testimonial 55


"Wonderful knowledge of how everything is linked. Balanced in the body & beautiful touch & understanding. Thank you!"